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Plant Canopy Analyser|Measuring  Instrument of  Plant Canopy|Plant Canopy meter|Plant Canopy Analyzer

Plant Canopy Analyzer/Measuring Instrument of Plant Canopy RC-100

1Characteristics and functions of the instrument

The measuring instrument of plant canopy can be applied comprehensively to agricultural production and research. In order to investigate of the canopy energy resources, to measure the light intercept in plant canopy, to study the relationships between the plant growth, quality and the light energy utilization, this instrument can be applied to the measurement and recording of the PAR whose wavelength ranges from 400nm to 700nm.The measurement unit is (μmols-1m-2)。  

2Main technical parameters

1.        Measurement range: 0-2700μmol m-2s-1

2.        Resolution1μmol m-2s-1   accuracy<±0.5%

3.        Response time10μs

4.        Automatic acquisition interval1-99 minutes

5.        Automatic acquisition number1-99 times

6.        Data capacity2GB SD card

7.        Length of the instrument75 cm

8.        Length of the probe rod50 cm

9.        Number of sensors25

10.    Powertwo AA batteries

11.    Working condition0°C-60°C

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