Plant photosynthesis meter

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Plant photosynthesis meter

Product introduction: RC-P60 plant photosynthetic measurer can be used to measure gas CO2 concentration, air temperature and humidity, plant leaf temperature, light intensity, gas flow and so on. After that it can calculate the plant photosynthetic rate, transpiration rate, intercellular CO2 concentrations, stomatal conductance. It has wide prospect of use in biology, the agronomy, horticulture, forestry, insects, microorganisms, animals, and many other professional experiments course.

1、Measurement items:

Nondispersive infrared CO2 analysis

Leaf blade temperature

Photosynthetic active radiation (PAR)

Leaves room temperature

Leaves room humidity

2、Analyze and calculate:

Photosynthetic rate (breathing)

Leaf transpiration rate

Intercellular CO2 concentration

Stomatal conductance

Water use efficiency

3、Technical indicators:

1)        CO2 analysis:measuring range: 0-1000 ppm, the resolution: 1 ppm, precision: 3 ppm

2)        Leaves room temperature: swiss import high precision digital temperature sensor, measurement range: 0-50 ℃, resolution: 0.1 ℃, the error: ±0.2 ℃

3)        Leaf blade temperature: platinum resistor, measurement range: 0-50 ℃, resolution: 0.1 ℃, the error: ±0.2 ℃

4)        Leaves room humidity: Measuring range: 0-100%, resolution: 0.1%, the error: ≤±3%

5)        Photosynthetic active radiation (PAR): with modified filter of the silicon photocell, measuring range: 0-2500μmol/㎡/s, accuracy:<5μmol/㎡/s.

6)        Leaf room size: 55 x 20 mm, standard size can be customized according to customer requirements

7)        Working conditions: 20 ℃- 50 ℃, relative humidity: 0-100% (no water vapor condensation)

8)        Power: DC7.4 V lithium battery, can work continuously for 7-9 hours

9)        Data storage: 2GB SD

10)     Show: 320 * 160 lattice, Chinese interface

11)     Size: 260 * 260 * 130 mm

12)     Weight: 3.25 kg(host) 

Optional accessories:

Leaves room: a variety of specifications can be customized according to the leaf chamber, temperature control chamber (environment temperature±5℃), breathing apparatus, assimilation box, etc

Light source: red/blue LED light source, the adjustable range of 0-1500μmol/㎡/s.