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Vibration tester

Application: used for measuring periodic motion, to check the imbalance and deflecting of moving machinery.Is pecifically designed for present measuring various mechanical vibration. So as to provde the data for the quality control, run time and equipment upkeep.use the high-performance acceleration meter, realize the repetitiveness and accurate measurement.it has the function of testing axle bearing situation

HG-2500 series Pocketable Vibration Temperature Meter

    PECULIARITY AND USAGE Designing for the HG-2500 series of instrument draws on the advancde experience from the international pocketable diagnosis instrument with peculiarity of low power consumption,trustworthy properties,high accuracy,beautiful contour,using and carrying very handy etc. Made according to ISO-2954 standard.You can judge the running state of a machine according to the intemational vibration intensity standard(ISO-2372) which has been printed on the back of the instrument.

 When measuring vibration,as the instrument provides you with a special function of high-low frequency grade,it is possible to determine the equipment hitch types.

The new worldwide originally creative type HG-2508 can measure vibration and temperature of liquid or the surface of solid.The new added function of measuring temperature is more helpful for diagnosing hitches of a machine.

it is suitable in factories,mines and enterprises for on-the-spot hitch diagnosis and vibration or temperature measure of the rotating machines as steam turibines,blowers,compressors,motorsm,pumps and machine tolls etc.


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HG-2510 Bearings Vibration Meter

     DETECTING VIBRATION INTENSITY OF EQUIPMENT Vibration Detection of Machinery Equipment Hitches of rotary machinery will result in abnormal vibtation.Increasing of low fre quency vibration intensigy can be caused by unbalance of rotor,nonaxiality of rotating axis,looseness of base and iol membrane vibration of bearings.By using the Low Frequency(Lo)rade,you can measure low frequency vibration Speed Effectiove Value(RMS)and diagnose abnormal causes of low frequency as well as hitches.




Bearings state analysis

Hitch Detection of Ball Bearings and Gears

Imapct and high frequency resonance can be aroused by abnormal state of ball

bearings.By using the "High Frequency(Hi)"grade,you can measure the peak

value(PEAK)and the average (AVE) of impact vibration,so as to find hitches

of bearings and gears or judge the running state.



HG-3568 Series Diagnose system of On-site Dynamic Balance

HG- Series on-site dynamic balancing apparatus has the functions of on-site Single&Double Sides dynamic balance.The instruments have the function of vibration analysis :including time-domain analysis,frequency-domain analysis,probability analysis,shaft's center track analysis,3-dimensions rev spectrum.The instruments can store the processing data of test and balance of many devices,and will reduce over 90% imbalance in mere one time.It adapts to rigid rotor.

The software of analyzing management in mere one time.It adapts to rigid rotor.The software of analyzing management can calculate added mass and the angle,give the result.What's more,it can store,manage and print the data of dynamic balance emendation.



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HG-2800 serial online vibration monitor

 HG-2800 single-track online vibration tester is one of simple system dedicated to use for online monitor while equipment vibration. It can make long-term online monitoring for displacement, speed and acceleration while vibration from each set of rotation mechanical equipment, and features over-limit alarm function. This applies for simple online monitoring for equipment vibration status such as varied sets of air blower, electric motor, pump, steam turbine, air compressor and machine tool used in industrial and mining enterprise. 

 Moreover, this also can diagnose and distinguish from equipment failure type under monitored value from different vibration parameters, so it is one kind of low-cost vibration online monitoring solution.

Performance index

Sensor type: current sensor or voltage sensor

Max signal distance for sensor : 400(m)

Test scope for acceleration: 0.1199.9m/s2(0P)

Test scope for speed : 0.1199.9mm/s(rms)

Displacement test scope: 0.0011.999mm(PP)

Vibration frequency scope: low frequency: 10Hz1KHz(acceleration, speed and displacement);high frequency: 1KHz10KHz(acceleration)

Alarm setup: Free setup

Alarm output: DC5V or 12V

Power supply: AC220V


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