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           We are professional manufacture of measurement gauge and testing meters, locating in Shanghai China. We export a lot to America, Africa, Middle east and Europe, any new customers are welcomed, we are ready to support you with our strong technical team and after sales service team.

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measurement meter and testing instrument

Gas meterAnemometer  ( wind speed, wind direction, air flow, air temperature)
  Air partical counter
 Halogen leak detector
surface processing gaugecoating thickness gauge
 Surface roughness meter
 Surface profile gauge
  Gloss meter
  Reflection meter
  Leeb Hardness tester
  Hardness tester
 Flaw detector
 lab instrument Density meter
  Conductivity meter
  Water hardness tester
  ORP meter
  turbidity meter
  Ion meter
  Lux meter
  Sound level meter
  Window tint meter      
  Dissolved oxygen meter
 Particle size counter
temperature& humidityDigital thermometer
 Data logger
 Humidity meter
 PH /ORP controller
 Infrared thermometer
  Infrared cameras
 Moisture meter
 Dew point meter
 Grain moisture meter
industrial controll meter Stroboscope
  Belt tension tester
 Surface speed meter
 ultrasonic thickness gauge
 coating thickness gauge
 Gauss meter, tesla meter, megnetic field tester
 Digital Flux Meter
 Vibration monitor
  Vibration tester
 Distance  calculator 
 Diameter measuring instrument

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