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Tesla meter  meter

Tesla meter also called tesla meter, flux meter, can measure AC,DC Magnetic field ,Can measure the surface magnetic field of permanent magnet, DC motors, speakers, magnetic separator, permanent magnetic's separator magnetic field of work.  can be applied to detect residual magnetic materials, detection of the distribution of magnetic remaining after demagnetization , and controlling the plating materials with magnetic, detect motor magnetic ,flux leakage detection of electromagnetic field tesla value.

digital tesla meter HT208       digital Tesla meter HT20


Digital Tesla meter  HT208



Fundamental Error±2%

ResolutionDC×1 0.00200.00mT         0.01mT     

DC×100.02000.0mT         0.1mT

AC×1 0.00200.00mT        0.01mT

AC×100.02000.0mT         0.1mT

Measure descriptionDC/AC

Functional descriptionPEAK HOLD

Gs/mT  Remark switch  

DCN/S  display  

Speediness adjust zero

Ambient Temperature5℃~40℃  

Relative Humidity20%~80%

Power Supplyfour 1.5v batteries



Display Mode:4 1/2 LCD

Display unitmT/Gs


Digital Tesla  meter HT20

range: 0-200mT-2000mT

error:  1%

resolution: DCx1: 0-200.00mT, 0,1mT

DCx10: 0-2000.0mT    1mT

measure description: DC

ambient Temperature: 5-40

humidity: 20% -80%


 size: 160x88x36 mm

weight: 300g

display: 3 1/2 LCD

display unit: mT

Remarks: 1mTesla=10tesla


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