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tesla meter  Tesla meter

tesla meter also called Tesla meter, flux meter, can measure AC,DC Magnetic field ,Can measure the surface magnetic field of permanent magnet, DC motors, speakers, magnetic separator, permanent magnetic's separator magnetic field of work.  can be applied to detect residual magnetic materials, detection of the distribution of magnetic remaining after demagnetization , and controlling the plating materials with magnetic, detect motor magnetic ,flux leakage detection of electromagnetic field tesla value.

digital tesla meter HT208       digital tesla meter HT20

Digital tesla tesla meter HT20

range: 0-200mT-2000mT

error:  1%

resolution: DCx1: 0-200.00mT, 0,1mT

DCx10: 0-2000.0mT    1mT

measure description: DC

ambient Temperature: 5-40

humidity: 20% -80%


 size: 160x88x36 mm

weight: 300g

display: 3 1/2 LCD

display unit: mT

Remarks: 1mT=10Gs


HT   Tesla Meter

HT20 Portable Digital Tesla Meter

Application instruction




This instrument is convenient for operator to measure magnetic

induction of DC magnetic field accurately. It is characterized by its

 wide range, clear display of LCD, and indefectible structure of sensor.

A piece of 9V dry battery, which acts as its power supply, can serve

for 4 hours continuously. Meanwhile, regulated power supply (enclosed)

 is available to 220VAC.


Measurement of surficial magnetic field of magnetic material and

special DC magnetic field; hall sensor serves either in vertical or horizontal

 according to clients' requirement.

3Technical Parameters


Fundamental Error:±2.0% Reading±2 characters

Resolution0.1m T

Null ShiftLess than 3 characters within 30min

Ambient Temperature5~40  

Relative Humidity20%~80%No Concretion

Power SupplyA 9V dry battery



Display Mode3  eq \o(\s\do-8(),\s\do 0(),\s\do 8())LCD 


4Parts and functions



Sensor Socket

(connect sensor and instrument)

⑥Range Select

press it to switch from 200m to 2000mT



⑦Power Switch

press it to connect

③Calibration Rheostat

adjust the current of sensor

⑧Power Socket

to connect 220VAC

Zero Rheostat

keep the sensor far away from magnetic field and adjust Zero Rheostat to display “0”

Battery Compartment

to place 9V battery


press it to switch the value from data of measurement to current of sensor



5Operational Procedure

1Close the power of the instrument, and keep the location of Range Select.

2Fit dry battery in the instrument.

3Open the power, and adjust “Zero Rheostat” to display “000”.

4Select range according to magnetic induction which is measured. Then put the instrument in measured field, and make sure the effectible side of sensor up. Keep the side, which is marked by dot hollow in the head of sensor, close to the measured magnet, and magnetic induction of this point is displayed. The value will be positive when the marked side up and this point is North Pole, otherwise South Pole.

5You’d better take dry battery out to prolong the using time of the battery after measurement. 

6Maintenance and Attentions

1Trouble may flare up in the sensor or tie-lines, if there is no reading or display “1” in measurement. If there is something wrong with tie-lines, connect them as below:



2Make sure the sensor CAN NOT endure force, bump, and extrusion.

3Keep the sensor far away from magnetic field when calibrating, or it will cause measurement error.

4Do not use it in unsuitable condition.



1HT20 Portable Digital Tesla Meter : 1

2Application instruction : 1

3Qualification certificate : 1

4Sensor : 1

5Dry battery : 1

6External power supply: 1


Inspection Record

Product NameHT20

Product No.


Inspection items and technical standard

Inspection  Standard

Inspection Conclusion

Inspection Operator




aclear symbol



bno scar and no transformation



cpower on/off normally



Null Shift

HT100/20 Less than  ±1 characters within 30min



HT700 less than ±3 characters  within 10sec and 30 characters within 1min



Fundamental Error

HT100/20)±1% full scale +1 character



HT700)±1% full scale  +1 character



Return Record

Data Return

Problem Description


Data Repair




























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