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Chlorophyll Meter  RC-SPAD01  RC-SPAD02



Chlorophyll Meter  RC-SPAD01

Brief introduction:
By measuring the leaf in two wavelength range of light transmittance,RC-SPAD01 can determine the current number of relative chlorophyll leaf. You can also use it to get the blade temperature(only RC-SPAD02).

Functional features:
RC-SPAD02 can simultaneously measure the chlorophyll, leaf temperature, two parameters
2.Non-Destructive Measurement
3.Display Chlorophyll Content Index and the blade’s temperature
4.Lightweight, Hand-Held Design Optimized for Field Work
5.Large Memory with Built-in Data-Logging
6.User selected sample sizes for averaging
7.Stand Alone Operation- No P.C. Required
8.USB Connectivity(only
RC-SPAD02 type)
9.Storage can be recorded data backup in EXCEL, convenient to call later

Technical parameters:
1. measuring range: Chlorophyll: 0.0-99.9 SPAD Leaf temperature: - 10-99.9 ℃
2. The measurement area: 2mm * 2mm
3. Measurement accuracy: chlorophyll: ±3.0 SPAD (at room temperature, the SPAD value between 0 to 50) Leaf temperature: ±0.5℃
4. Repetitive:±0.3 SPAD (at room temperature, the SPAD value between 0 to 50)
Leaf temperature:±0.2℃
5. Measure time interval: less than 3 seconds
6. Blade thickness:less than 5mm
7. Data storage capacity: 32 KB
8. Power: 4.2 V rechargeable lithium batteries
9. The battery capacity: 2000 mah
10. Weight: 200g
11. The work environment: temperature -10℃ to 50℃ relative humidity ≤85%

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Chlorophyll Meter  RC-SPAD01