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Distance calculator also called distance measure meter, it measure meter/feet, distance measurement range from 0.5m to 20m, 20 inch - 65 feet, it is an ultrasonic meter, also laser meter, it has laser targeting switch.

distance calculator laser measure meter feet


distance calculator

distance measure meter

Model: AR841





Instant and accurate distance and acreage measurement by ultrasonic    waves, an ideal tool for architects and layout designers;
Maximum measuring distance: 20/65 meter/feet
Memory for data storage and recall;
Calculates area and volume;
ys in meter or feet;
Laser targeting on/off switch;
Data hold for easy reading;
For indoor or outdoor use.

Distance measure range: 0.5m - 20m (20inch - 65feet)

Basic Accuracy             1%

Laser wavelength          650nm

Laser safety             Class II, visible, non-hazardous

Power                     9.0V (6f22)

Product Net Weight    215g (Including battery)

Product Size: 150 x 75 x 46 mm

Standard Quantity Per Carton: 20 pcs

Standard Carton Measurement: 62.5 x 45.0 x 28.5 cm

Standard Carton Gross Weight: Around 17.4 kg


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Distance calculator