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Digital Thermometer->BT-2

Measure and display the indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity
Automatically memorize the Max./Min. values of the indoor/ outdoor temperature and indoor humidity
Switch between
/ H
Clock function and alarming function
12/24 hour mode switch
8 minutes snooze function
Recovery function on the Max./Min. values
Technical parameters:
Indoor temperature measuring range: -30桫+50(-22H122H)
Outdoor temperature measuring range: -50桫+70(-58H158H)
Indoor humidity measuring range: 20%99% (Relative humidity)
Resolution: Temperature:0.1; Humidity: 1% RH
Power supply: one 7# alkaline battery
Operation environment: Temperature:0桫50; Humidity: 5%85% RH


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Digital Thermometer->MT-2
Display temperature. humidity, time and calendar. Max/min temperature. humidity memory and comfort display. Switch between C and F.   Measuring  range:
      Temperature:  -5+70       Humidity: 30%~90%
Distinguish: 0.1  Power: DC1.5V AG13  Product size: 1034415mm
Screen size: 3524mm

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Digital Thermometer->DT-2
Big screen LCD display. Two-place temperature measurement. Displays temperature. humidity and time simultaneously. Comfort display and clock function. Three kinds of placement.

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Digital Thermometer->DT-3  Big screen LCD display. Display Two-place temperature,  one-place humidity simultaneously. Comfort display. Three kinds of placement. Measuring  range:
                     Out: -50+70
Temperature range:20%~99%
Power: DC1.5V  one 7# alkaline battery (optional)
Product size: 1156419mm Screen size: 6343mm

thermometer-303.jpg thermometer hygrometer # 303

1. /H temperature display.
2. Relative humidity and comfort display.
3. Temperature and relative humidity trend display.
4. Max/Min Temperature and relative humidity display
5. Temperature measure range: -20~50
6. Temperature resolution: 0.1
7. Temperature accuracy: 1
8. Humidity measure range: 10%~95%RH
9. Humidity resolution: 1%
10. Humidity accuracy: 5%RH
11. Measuring period: 20 sec
12. Power: 1.5V (AAA or 7# battery)

digital-thermometer-hygrometer thermometer hygrometer #302

1. Time,date display.
2. Time alarm clock every day.
3. 12/24 hours system clock.
4. /H temperature display.
5. Relative humidity and comfort display.
6. Temperature and relative humidity trend display.
7. Max/Min Temperature and relative humidity display.
8. Temperature measure range: -20~50
9. Temperature resolution: 0.1
10. Temperature accuracy: 1
11. Humidity measure range: 10%~95%RH
12. Humidity resolution: 1%
13. Humidity accuracy: 5%RH
14. Measuring period: 20 sec
15. Power: 1.5V (AAA or 7# battery)