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Visible Spectrophotometer    UV-VIS Spectrophotometer   (uv-visible spectrophotometer)   Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Definition of spectrophotometer

The spectrophotometer is an instrument which measures the amount of light of a specified wavelength which passes through a medium.

use spectrophotometric method to determine the absorption spectrum of an aqueous solution.

spectrophotometer is a compact and usable conventional instrument based on the UV visible spectrophotometry. It can used for measurement of transmittance, absorbance and concentration direct readout with printed results in the range of 200~1000nm. In addition, it can also be linked up with PC and special software package to carry out wavelength and time scanning etc. advanced functions and extensively be applied to the departments of medicine & hygiene, clinical test, biochemistry, petrochemical industry, environmentally monitoring and quality control etc. for qualitative & quantitative analysis.

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