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Digital Thermometer with k type thermocouple sensor # 300

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thermometer indoor outdoor


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digital thermometer model: # 300 with k-type thermocouple sensor.

this thermometer is a digital hermometer fr use with any K-type thermocouple as temperature sensor. temperature indication follows IEC584 temperature/voltage tables for K-type thermocouples.

1. Max. Display:1999
2. Measuring Range: -50℃~1300℃
3. Resolution: 0.1℃(-50℃~199.9℃)
1℃ (-50℃~1300℃)
1 ℉ (-50℉~1999℉)
4. Accuracy: ±0.3% ±1℃ (-50℃~199.9℃)
±0.3% ±2℃ (-50℃~1000℃)
±0.5% ±2℃ (1000℃~1300℃)
±0.3% ±2℉ (-50℉~1999℉)
5. Data Hold
6. Full Icon Display
7. Low Battery Display
8. Power: 9V Battery (NEDA 1604 or 6F22)
9. Sensor Type: K Type

how to measure temperature:

1.turn on the thermometer

2. plug the thermocouple into the thermocouple input connector

3.set the thermometer to desired function.

4.perform measurements by contacting the object beig measured with the probe sensor the temperature on the display.