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Air particle counter

This air particle counter can measure the particle in the air, with 2.83L/min air flow and 28.3L/min large air flow testing.


CHY003 stainless AC.DC particle counter

1.Using imported semiconductor laser and photosensitive tube,assure sensitivity and response speed.using imported micropump,assure flow steady.
2.The key component-light scattering sensor obviously eliminate intracorporal stray light,improve SNR, test result more precise and reliable.
3.Confidence meansurement of this instrument is the only one in China meet GB/T16292-194896, realize auto estimate clean class.
4.1000 records can be stored,free to check previous data.PC communication interface.
5.Humiture sensor interface,connect with (optional accessories )humiture sensor can test humiture.
6.AC/DC power,bulit-in battery and rechargeable,working continuously 6 hours.
7.Stainless steel,LCD display,smart,light,beautiful,portable,long-service time
8.Our company using American Royco’s particle counter adjust device and Duk’s standard particle,assure each product got strict inspection before leave factory,quality is guaranteed.

Service Environment

Particle concentration limit 400,000/L
Normal atmosphere No strong magnetic field
Power source:A.C220V±5% 50HZ


Size channels

0.3, 0.5,1,3,5,10μm

Light source

Laser diode(using hour>30000hours)


2.83 L /Min0.1cfm

Deflection of measurement


Error of particle size

0.5um 5um≤±30%

Error of concentration


Sampling time

User set (199min)

Sampling delay

User set (199min)

Sampling rate

1~99 times or continuous

Alarm class

Class100 Class300,000(FED209E Standard)or 5 9(ISO14464-1)

Test type


Data storage

1000 records

Error indicator

Exceed storage,laser died,exceed adjusted flow>±5%,battery died

Communication interface


Max communication speed


Charging time

3hoursfirst time 12hours

Self-purification time


Concentration limit

"+/-5% at 2000000 particles/ft3 (71000 Particle/L


LCD big screen


Built-in printerEpson ribbon

Sampling location

1000 group

Counting type

Cumulative counting,region

Power source

Rechargeable lithium battery7.4V/5200mAHor AC adapter100240V)

Battery working time

Continuous working> 6 hours

Overall size





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