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Air particle counter

This air particle counter can measure the particle in the air, with 2.83L/min air flow and 28.3L/min large air flow testing.




CHY-001 large flow particulate counter 1CFM Particle counterDetailed content


Sampling Volume

28.3L/min (1Cfm)

Test Size


Self-purification Time


Error of Particle Size

0.5um 5um ≤±30%

Error of Concentration

0.5um ≤±30%

Deflection of Measurement


Communication Interface


Max Communication Speed


Light Source

Import laser diode(using hour>30000 hours)

Power Source

AC220V±5% 50HZ



Overall Size


Service Environment

Working Environment:1535℃, 10-85%RH


Adjustment Standard

Storage Environment-1050℃, 10-85%RH

GB/T6167-2007 and particulate counter performance test standard

 Clean Class Estimate Standard

JJF-1190-2008 particulate counter standard

ISO14644 FS209E New GMPdynamic/static


Sampling Period

1~99s user set

Sampling Delay


Test Interval


Sampling Type


Data Storage

1000 Record

Sampling Location

1000 Group

Counting Type

Cumulative count,

Alarm Class

Class100 Class300,000 class(FED209E Standard)

Or 5 9level(ISO14464-1Standard)

Display Type

LCD big screen

Print Type

Built-in temperature-sensitive printer


LCD displaySlope interface,convenient for detecting

Press Key

Functional module interfacefast into detectiong system

Test Stardard

GB/T6167-2007 JJF1190-2008

Clean Class Estimate Standard

ISO14644 FS209E

Standard Accessories

Built-in reset filterisokinetic samping probetripodportable protection caseoperation instructionadjust reportprinter.

Optional Accessories

External humiture sensorData analysis software optical disk and data line.

Sevice Environment
Normal atmosphere, No stange magnetic field
Power Source:A.C220V
±5% 50HZ

Standard Accessories:
Isokinetic sampling imported anti-static sampling tubetripod
2. Self-purification filter

Temperature-sensitive printing paper 2 pcs
4. Printer
Factory calibration reportpacking listoperation instruction

Optional Accessories
1. Data analysis software
2. Humiture sensor
3. Data line


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